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Door sign with on screen booking
Your appointments can be synchronized with Exchange, O365, Google Calendar or HCL Notes.
Door Sign with touch function
Book appointments directly on the door sign.
LED door sign
Practical and visually appealing - the LED door sign shows whether a room is occupied or free.

What makes our doorsigns special?

Our speciality is the connectivity of our doorsigns with your calendars.
You can synchronize your appointments bidirectionally with Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, Exchange, Lotus Notes and Outlook.

Always on the right track with our Way Guiding System

With our digital guidance systems your employees and customers will never feel lost again.

Welcome display with way finding system
Display all your current events and guide your visitors to the right direction.
Info stele in library with overview
Give your visitors an overview of the area.
Digital event overview and way guiding
Your visitors won't get lost with our digital way guiding system.
Info stele with event overview
Combine your POS system with our Digital Signage software and display currently available seats.

komma,tec redaction – Who we are

Our premium software Display Star is the perfect solution for every Digital Signage use case you can imagine.
You can manage the content of every kind of Digital Signage - quick and easy.

Built in Hamburg since 2005.